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The Firm people turn to when they've been hurt. Learn more about our personal injury practice areas.

Blunt Force Trauma Lawsuit

Because the dangers of blunt force trauma to the head or body can be severe, people are obligated by law to meet a duty of care to avoid causing harm to others.

Ritalin Lawsuit

Ritalin increases the levels of dopamine in the brain and can cause seizures, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

Nuplazid Lawsuit

Nuplazid was approved to treat Parkinson's disease psychosis by the FDA through an expedited process. However, Nuplazid has been associated with hundreds of deaths. Find out more about Nuplazid dosing and side effects.

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David Eichholz and his staff have earned a reputation as one of the most successful law firms by using expertise, resources and technology to fight for their clients' rights.

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The Eichholz Law Firm has a history of making charitable contributions to benefit those in need, particularly the disadvantaged in Georgia.
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  • 19 November 2018
FDA Recalls another Blood Pressure Drug Due to Risks of Developing Cancer

The FDA started recalling many drugs used for controlling blood pressure in patients with heart problems after a report discovered that the ingredient could lead to the development of cancer.

  • 09 November 2018
More Breakfast Cereals Found To Contain Glyphosate

A second round of testing by the Environmental Working Group (EWP) has found the cancer-linked herbicide in a swathe of popular oat-based cereals and snacks marketed to kids.

  • 02 November 2018
Georgia Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics

A study found that approximately 70 drivers are hurt in Georgia car accidents every hour. Learn more about the latest motor vehicle crash and injury data for the state of Georgia.

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