Amtrak train derailed in Savannah


An Amtrak train derailed in Savannah on Wednesday evening. Three cars on the passenger train detailed, when it was backing up into the Savannah station around 10PM. The Silver Meteor train was traveling from Miami to New York. This route runs daily. No injuries were reported.

There were 311 passengers on the train during the accident. A baggage car and two sleeper cars were derailed, however they stayed upright.

The derailment occurred 1,000 yards from the station. Although no official cause has been named, it is believed to have been due to ice. Savannah was hit with a rare snow storm on Wednesday, which caused icy conditions around the area. The passengers were told ahead of time of a frozen switch, that may have caused the derailment.

Passengers in the sleeper cars were moved to a different train.