According to a report released by the non-profit organization Kids in Danger (KID), children’s product recalls were down in 2012, but there was an increase injuries and deaths.  The organization believes that recalls are down due to new safety regulations for children’s products. However, KID urges for more analysis to understand why so many injuries (up 42%) and deaths (up 200%) are occurring before the products are being recalled.

Listed below are some finding from KID’s report:

  • A third of the recalls (31%) were for nursery products bought to be used with the most vulnerable consumers – infants and toddlers.
  • One product, the Flexible Flyer Swing Set, had 1,232 reported incidents before consumers were alerted to the dangers through the recall.
  • Eight children and one adult died prior to the recall of these products.  This includes five deaths involving the Nap Nanny or Chill Infant Recliners. Other products involved in deaths were crib tents, travel beds, strollers, and an inflatable water slide which killed an adult.
  • Sleep environment products continue to pose a significant hazard, with 7 deaths associated with these products.

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