According to the OranigcAuthority, deadly strains of the bacteria MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus) were found in the nation’s meat supply. A study conducted by the University of Iowa College of Public Health and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade policy looked at 400 samples of pork products that were collected from supermarkets in Iowa, New Jersey and Minnesota. Almost 7 percent of the samples contained detectable levels of MRSA. This study showed that there are higher levels of staph in the meat supply than researchers had previously thought.

The study also found that there was no difference in the levels of MRSA contamination between conventionally raised pork and pork that was raised without antibiotics and other drugs. Every year approximately 185,000 cases of food poison are caused by MRSA. The bacteria is extremely difficult to treat in patients because it is resistant to antibiotics, which can lead to life-threatening infections.

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