Early Sunday morning 10 people were killed in a deadly car pileup on Interstate 75, just south of Gainesville, FL. Several cars and trucks collided with one another on the dark highway. The pileup caused 18 people to be hospitalized.

Fog and heavy smoke from a brush fire caused I-75 to be closed earlier that day. The highway was reopened after visibility improved. Sometime after the highway was reopened the conditions began to deteriorate. The pileup happened around 3:45 am on Sunday on both sides of I-75. At least 12 cars and six tractor-trailers were involved in the pileup. Some of the vehicles had burst into flames.

When rescue workers came to the scene the visibility was so bad that they had to rely on screams and moans to locate victims. The National Transportation Safety Board sent investigators to access the scene and to decide whether they want to join the investigation.

A Georgia minister and his family were among the victims from Sunday’s deadly pile up. The family was heading back home to suburban Atlanta from a church conference in Orlando.

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