In 2011, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalled 59 Million individual products. With millions of products recalled, there is pretty good chance that you have a defective product in your home.

Listed below are the biggest recalls of 2012, according to

  • Map Pro, Propylene and MAPP Gas Cylinders- 29,026,000 units recalled
  • Bumbo Baby Seats- 4,000,000 units recalled
  • Flushmate III Pressure-Assist Flushing System for Toilets- 2,330,600 units recalled
  • Tassimo Coffee, Latte, Espresso T Discs / Packets – 2,100,000 units recalled
  • Mother’s Touch / Deluxe Baby Bathers- 2,000,000 units recalled
  • Kennedy Home Collection Folding Step Stools- 1,600,000 units recalled
  • GE, GE Adora, GE Eterna, GE Profile and Hotpoint Dishwashers – 1,300,000 units recalled
  • Hewlett-Packard (HP) 1040 and 1050 Fax Machines- 928,000 units recalled
  • Safety 1st Push ‘N Snap Cabinet Locks- 900,000 units recalled
  • Cryofreeze Ice/Hot and Arctic Zone Ice Gel Packs – recalled

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