Are We A Nation Obsessed With Speeding?

According to a survey in the April edition of AAA’s Midwest Traveler magazine, motorists know that speeding is against the law, but they do it anyway.

Approximately 91 percent of participants agreed that everyone should obey speed limits, but more than 25 percent admitted they speed without thinking about it or enjoy the feeling of driving fast. Additionally, 16 percent of motorists surveyed said that speeding is not necessarily dangerous for skilled drivers. Male drivers were more likely to speed, and teen drivers admitted to speeding more frequently than any other age group.

Among survey takers between the ages of 16 and 20, about 1 in 10 were involved in at least one speeding-related crash in the past five years.

In Georgia, from 2000 to 2006, the number of speed-related fatal accidents increased, and the chance of being seriously injured was three times higher in speed-related accidents than in lower-speed crashes. However, by 2010 the number of speed-related fatalities in the state dropped by nearly half of 2006 totals, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation.