Atlanta Roads Still Clogged With Storm Traffic

A day after snow storms swept through the region, roads in the greater Atlanta region are still blocked with traffic trying to get out of the city.

Sources have reported some drivers being stuck in their vehicles for more than 15 hours, forcing many drivers and their passengers to sleep in their vehicles or to seek other forms of shelter for the night.

Authorities have advised that many of the interstate routes became jammed on Wednesday afternoon due to a number of commercial vehicles that became stuck in the slippery and icy conditions, making it difficult for other commuter traffic to get past.

School buses and their passengers were also significantly affected by the storm, with Gov. Nathan Deal advising that despite all metro Atlanta school children now having been safely returned to their parents, at least 95 buses were immobile last night. He also added:

“Even with this progress, work still remains. I encourage people in areas where snow and ice remain to stay off the roads, which state officials are continuing to treat.”

With weather forecasts predicting little to no relief from the icy conditions, Georgia transportation officials are asking 18 wheeler operators to avoid the general area or to use snow chains on their wheels to give them more traction in the current conditions.