Broken Bones

Broken bone injuries can range from hairline fractures to a complete fracture, which is when a bone breaks completely in two or more pieces.

After suffering a severe broken bone injury, you may be off your feet for months, sometimes causing you to miss work. Even less serious fractures can create hardships. For example, you may be unable to run household errands due to a bone fracture in your leg.

How Fractures & Broken Bone Accidents Occur

Auto, truck and motorcycle accidents may lead to fractures and broken bones. Other types of personal injury accidents that result in broken bones and fractures include:

The following are types of broken bones or fractures that may occur in an accident:

  • Complete fracture (the bone breaks completely in two)
  • Incomplete fracture (the bone partially breaks)
  • Compound or open fracture (the bone breaks through the skin)
  • Hairline crack or a simple fracture