Car Crash: Impact on the Body

When a motor vehicle accident occurs, it’s a natural reaction for the body to tense up and prepare for impact. What most people fail to realize is that a sudden jolt to the body is capable of causing serious problems, despite how fast a car was or was not moving.

Within seconds, a car accident can have many traumatic effects on both you and your family, both physically and emotionally. Depending on the circumstance, physical symptoms may show up immediately or increase in the days and weeks following the car accident.

During a collision, the car comes to a complete stop and as the car crushes, it absorbs some of the force of the collision.

Whiplash is common during the internal collision, especially for someone involved in an accident when they are rear-ended. Common symptoms are headaches, neck pain, and low back pain.

When individuals become involved in a car accident, there are typically many different types of injuries that can occur. These injuries can range from acute to chronic injuries which can last a lifetime, or worse, result in death. In any case, injuries are nearly always caused by a great amount force being applied to a portion of, or the whole body, thus resulting in the injury.