Contingency Fees Explained

Often in cases of injury, the person suffering was a victim of another’s negligence, carelessness or intent to harm. With an injury can come a myriad of problems that the injured was not prepared to handle.

While many of these victims may have been eligible to file a lawsuit, the unfortunate truth is that many choose to wait too long or do not believe they can afford a lawyer, and never contact a personal injury law firm.

What many injury victims do not know is that there are options for those seeking justice. Georgia law allows attorneys defending personal injury victims to work on a contingency fee basis.

What are Contingency Fees?

Called “no win no fee” in England, a contingency fee is a fee charged by a legal professional for services rendered, only if the “lawsuit is successful or is favorably settled out of court”. The fee is usually a percentage of the compensation the client recovers.

A contingency fee is a standalone form of payment, and is not added on top of other “hidden” fees or base charges. This means there is no upfront cost to a client who retains an attorney using this fee structure. If the attorney is unable to obtain a favorable verdict or settlement, the client will not pay anything at all. However, some states require the client to pay costs incurred during the litigation process, such as witness fees or other costs associated with obtaining a favorable outcome. Many attorneys will allow these costs to be paid at the closing of the matter along with the contingency fee.

The percentage that a law firm will charge will be discussed with potential clients while an attorney is reviewing their case. Professional conduct standards throughout the U.S. require these fees to fall within a standard or “reasonableness”. The percentage that falls within this “reasonable” amount can be as high as 33 – 45%, depending on statutory limitations and professional conduct rules set within the jurisdiction. Attorneys who choose to charge fees that are considered “unreasonable” may be subject to professional sanctions.

Filing a Case with Georgia Attorneys on a Contingency Fee Basis

Contingency fees allow personal injury attorneys to fight for justice on behalf of Georgia citizens regardless of their financial situation. This is what allows The Eichholz Law Firm to defend clients of all backgrounds and truly pursue justice for all.

Unavailability of funds should not be a reason for the responsible parties to escape the consequences of their actions. Many injury victims must allocate their budget to medical bills and unrelenting household expenses in the aftermath of an accident, and may suffer long-term financial difficulties. To charge these victims additional fees during such a traumatic time would be unethical to most.

Instead, many personal injury attorneys, including those at The Eichholz Law Firm, choose to represent clients based on the merits of their case, rather than the ability to pay. Ethical lawyers like the professionals on our legal team will discuss the details of payment arrangements, the likelihood of obtaining a favorable outcome and what to expect throughout the litigation process with their clients before offering representation. This case review process allows both the attorney and potential client to be made aware of all the facts, prior to coming to an agreement.

The Eichholz Law Firm is dedicated to the ethical practice of law and provides personal injury clients a completely free and confidential case evaluation. Through this process, our professionals will listen to the details of your potential case and evaluate the likelihood of obtaining a settlement or verdict in your favor. If there is merit to your case, we will explain what you can expect during the litigation process. No attorney can guarantee an outcome, however we will provide as much guidance as possible as your legal representation.

If you or somebody you care about has been injured by another’s negligence or intent, or has lost their life due to an accident, you may be eligible for legal recourse. There is no cost to find out if you have a case. Let us put our expertise to work for your defense.

You deserve honest information about your potential case. Call The Eichholz Law Firm today at (866) 947-7449 and one of our intake professionals will take down the details of your case, and then quickly connect you to one of our attorneys.