Dump Truck Collisions

Accidents involving trucks can be disastrous, especially if it involves a dump truck that can weight more than 30,000 pounds. Dump truck accidents are a likely occurrence around construction zones where the trucks are used to move materials in and out of the area.

The U.S Department of Transportation recorded more than 3,000 fatal large truck accidents in 2009 while the total number of collisions involving large trucks was 10 times higher.

Additionally 53,000 people were reportedly injured in large truck accidents. Although these types of accidents may not be a common event, their impact is clearly seen as thousands of people are injured each year by trucks.

Causes of Dump Truck Accidents

Dump truck driving requires special licensing due to the vehicle’s weight and size. Drivers must often take extra precautions to ensure their safety and that of their fellow motorists. There are several ways a dump truck accident may occur including:


The gravitational pull of such a heavy vehicle and its contents can lead to tipping when making sharp turns or speeding.

Backing Up

With such a large vehicle is may be difficult for an inexperienced driver to see other vehicles behind them.

Raised Dump Bed

Typical dump trucks have a hydraulically operated box that can be lifted to allow the contents to be dumped. If a driver fails to put the box back in place they may drift into other lanes or even hit a low bridge that could cause multiple vehicle accidents.

Driving While Intoxicated

The U.S Department of Transportation reported that in 2009 a small number of large truck accidents involved an alcohol impaired driver.

Poor Maintenance

If a truck is not maintained properly it could result in hydroplaning, tire blowouts, and more. Any of these minor maintenance issues could cause a car collision.

Failure to Yield in Constructions Zones

If a dump truck driver fails to yield to traffic or to check their blind spot it could results in a crash.

Dump truck drivers must follow the same rules as other motorists, failure to do so can lead to serious consequences.

Common Types of Collisions

The type of collisions caused by dump trucks can vary but some common crashes include:

In particular underride collisions are the most fatal type of large truck accident that may occur, it is important for drives to maintain a safe distance behind all type of trucks.