FDA Warns Diabetes Drugs Linked To Flesh Eating Genital Disease

The Food and Drug Administration recently reported that a genital infection has been reported by those using SGLT2 inhibitors. SGLT2 Inhibitors are a class of type 2 diabetes drug, that lower blood sugar by preventing the kidneys from reabsorbing sugar (glucose) and release it through the urine. These drugs are FDA approved for use in adults to treat type 2 diabetes.

SGLT2 Inhibitors Can Lead To Fournier’s Gangrene and Death

There have been 12 reports that these SGLT2 inhibitors can cause necrotizing fasciitis, also known as Fournier’s gangrene. According to the FDA, “Fournier’s gangrene is an extremely rare but life-threatening bacterial infection of the tissue under the skin that surrounds muscles, nerves, fat, and blood vessels of the perineum. The bacteria usually get into the body through a cut or break in the skin, where they quickly spread and destroy the tissue they infect.”

The reports include 7 men and 5 women. All of the patients had to be hospitalized and required surgery. Many suffered complications, including acute kidney injury and diabetic ketoacidosis. One patient died.

The drugs affected contain the following ingredients:

• Canagliflozin
• Dapagliflozin
• Empagliflozin
• Ertugliflozin

The brand names of the SGLT2 inhibitors affected are:

• Invokamet
• Farxiga
• Xigduo XR
• Qtern
• Jardiance
• Synjardy and Synjardy XR
• Steglatro
• Segluromet
• Steglujan

Fournier’s Gangrene Side Effects

If you have taken SGLT2 inhibitors and experience any of the following side effects, seek medical attention immediately:

• Tenderness or redness of the genitals
• A temperature exceeding 100.4° F
• Swelling in the genital or perineal area
• Unpleasant odor