FedEx Truck Accident Attorneys

FedEx trucks play an important role in today’s society. We depend on FedEx deliveries for a number of different reasons, from business packages to certified documents, the trust and responsibility that are instilled in this company are critical to the proper function of many different types of businesses. FedEx also play a global role in the transportation of packages with over 220 countries and territories to cover, FedEx is responsible to manage and monitor a massive number of facilities, people, trucks, aircrafts, and technologies. The safety and health principles incorporated into the company’s system are essential to the safety of millions of people throughout the world.

Unfortunately, the duty of delivering more than seven million packages each business day places an abundance of pressure on FedEx, its employees, and the products and equipment being used. As such a large, all-encompassing organization, Americans expect a certain level of accountability, and they should. With more than 75,000 drivers of FedEx vehicles on the highways and roads every day, accident prevention is very important.

While traveling along the roads and streets of Georgia, motorists will often pass a number of FedEx vehicles, especially in larger cities such as Savannah. These drivers are trained to avoid any type of unsafe driving situations, as well as to continually adhere to the safety principles as outlined by the company. Nevertheless, thousands of FedEx truck accidents occur each and every year in the United States. Even worse, due to the enormity of many of these trucks, collisions with these vehicles typically lead to serious injuries and considerable property damage.

FedEx Truck Accidents Information

FedEx has established quite an extensive set of rules and regulations in regard to proper packaging, equipment, driver eligibility, permits, plates, insurance, etc. These qualifications are set in order to help reduce the number of FedEx truck accidents occurring throughout the country. For instance, qualifying to become a FedEx driver is no easy task. The minimum requirements for a FedEx professional owner operator include:

  • Must pass a Department of Transportation drug test and physical
  • Cannot have any moving violations within the past three years
  • May only have one or less moving violations in the last year
  • Must have open access to and from Canada
  • Must have a proper class CDL with HAZMAT endorsement

These qualifications are monitored and protected by the FedEx Custom Critical. Specifications for small straight trucks, large straight trucks, cargo vans, and tractor-trailers are all outlined and detailed accordingly. The owner operators of FedEx vehicles are also required to purchase work accident insurance. While there are pages upon pages of detailed guidelines for all truckers to abide by, some FedEx truck accidents are simply unavoidable.

National Truck Driving Championships

Commonly referred to as the “Super Bowl of Safety”, the National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC) is supported by the American Trucking Association. The program was established in 2003 in order to raise awareness, increase safety, and create a friendly, competitive environment to encourage an accident-free driving record, as well as safe driving practices. FedEx has been a participator in this competition since its inception. In the last 10 years, thousands of FedEx truckers have been rewarded and recognized for their safe driving habits across the nation.

In order to participate in the annual National Truck Driving Championships, drivers of these trucks must be accident-free for a full year. The competition begins at the state level and then winners are able to advance to the national level. The program is a phenomenal way to encourage professionalism, safety, and accountability throughout the trucking industry.