Hospital Negligence

Hospital Negligence Cases Demand An Experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Hospitals must be properly maintained in a hygienic manner to ensure safety of patients and visitors. It is the duty of hospital administrators and medical professionals to ensure the safety and health of all patients.

Hospital negligence can result in:

Hospital negligence is a serious problem in the Georgia. Any employee of the hospital is able to commit an act of hospital negligence.

Causes of Hospital Negligence

The following are a few examples of hospital negligence:

  • Giving a patient wrong medication.
  • Responding to pressure by HMOs to save money when making decisions.
  • Delaying administration of medication.
  • Discharging patient prematurely.
  • Improperly using a medical device.
  • Misdiagnosing a heart attack, stroke or other serious medical condition.
  • Conducting a surgical procedure unnecessarily or without authorization.

The following are examples of conditions that may lead to a hospital negligence lawsuit:

  • Careless hospital employees and staff.
  • Failure to follow procedures and rules.
  • Insufficient supervision.
  • Insufficiently trained hospital employees and staff.
  • Lack of communication.