How Does the Equifax Data Breach Affect You?

If you use a credit card for purchases or if one of the major credit report organizations has your credit information, there is a good chance the Equifax data breach impacts you. We recommend you take immediate steps to find out and, if you were affected, take additional steps to protect your credit.

If you have been impacted, then it is possible a person or people have your credit card info and social security number, as well as other information that could allow them to assume your identity. With that info they can steal money from your bank and retirement accounts and rack up thousands of dollars of debt with multiple credit cards - all in your name. Identity theft can also prevent you from receiving your social security and/or medical benefits, as well.

Unfortunately, once your identity is stolen it is very difficult to make things right.

With over 140 million people’s credit information compromised, chances are the Equifax data breach does affect you in some way, so make sure you know what to do.