Hundreds of Homeopathic Drugs Recalled

King Bio, a homeopathic drug producer, recalled all water-based medications for animal and humans. According to a report, there is a potential threat of bacterial contamination. Now, the list includes about 600 treatments.

At first, the homeopathic drug recall only included three products in July. However, after the Food and Drug Administration discovered a high risk of microbial contamination in the brand’s products, all King Bio treatments were added to the list by the end of August.

After the recall of three specific products, the brand King Bio voluntarily added a further 32 other treatments for infants and children, to the recall. The recalled products underwent testing for Burkholderia cepacian, a strain of bacteria commonly found in water and soil. The FDA warned that the harmful contamination could result in severe infections.

Despite the company voluntarily expanding the recall to include more products, the FDA wanted to alert all consumers regarding the brand’s unsafe manufacturing processes. The agency issued an alert and notified consumers that many of King Bio’s products tested positive for bacterial contamination.

Such a pathogen, according to the FDA, can cause serious health issues in people who have weak immune systems. Shockingly, they also informed consumers that the water used in the manufacturing process also contained contaminants.

The company expanded the recall on August 22, but for the FDA this wasn’t enough. The next day, the FDA recommended the company to expand the recall by including all water-based treatments and products.  The list comprises treatments for pets, adults, children, and infants.

The action is part of the FDA’s new approach towards regulating the standard of homeopathic treatments and products. They aim to make sure all treatments are safe for consumption. They’re aiming to take further steps to ensure that homeopathic products have the potential to improve health. They want to ensure that the products don’t end up causing more harm. This will involve taking strict action against companies producing homeopathic treatments or making false drug claims. Moreover, the steps will target products for children.