iPhone’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ Feature Protects Drivers

Here’s a scenario you may be familiar with: You’re driving around town when you get a text from your mom (or dad, or significant other), asking you to pick up something from the grocery store. Then another text notification rings out and it’s your friend reminding you about this weekend’s fundraiser. Suddenly, you’re overwhelmed with even more messages flooding in as another friend starts sending you pictures of her new puppy.

Not to mention the incessant and annoying Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat notifications reminding you about everything from cat videos to birthday updates. At that point, you may wish your phone had no battery life left, but you kinda need that handy GPS …

For starters, you don’t need that kind of distraction in your life, especially while you’re driving. Luckily, you can get rid of the calls and texts without your phone being dead with the new Do Not Disturb feature on the Apple iOS 11. Sorry Android users! This feature is an iOS exclusive. Additionally, this feature is already included with your iPhone, making it super convenient!

What Does “Do Not Disturb” Actually Do?

Quite literally, it puts a stop to all of those annoying phone distractions! This feature will silence your texts and notifications while you drive so that you are able to focus on the road. Once enabled, you’ll be able to put everything on mute, including your friend’s puppy photos and those pesky Facebook notifications. Best of all, this iPhone feature is very easy to set up.

How Do I Turn This Feature On?

Simply go to your “Settings” menu (the icon that looks like a gear), scroll down and select the Do Not Disturb option, and scroll down to the Do Not Disturb While Driving section. Once there, you can choose from three options: Automatically, While Connected to Car Bluetooth, and Manually.

If you’re the kind of person who might forget to turn something like this on, then you may want to set your Do Not Disturb feature to the “Automatically” option (only available on iPhone 6 and above). The Do Not Disturb feature will engage every time you are in a car, moving at a driving speed. Unfortunately, this option will launch Do Not Disturb every time you are in a car–even if you aren’t driving.

The next option, and one that is good for most people, is the “While Connected to Car Bluetooth” option. This presumably enables the Do Not Disturb feature while you are actually driving your car. If you don’t have bluetooth in your car, then the last option, “Manually” may be a good fit for you. You will have the ability to switch the feature on and off as you go, but do note, you’ll have to actually remember to turn it on each time you drive. No matter what implementation option you choose, it will allow a safer drive, free of distractions.