Motorcycle Crash Kills Two in NW Georgia

A Gainesville motorcycle wreck in the early morning hours of September 6 tragically killed two people, police say.

The accident took place around 1 a.m. on Saturday along Highway 365 south of White Sulphur Road. Georgia State Patrol officer Sgt. reported that a man and a woman, both believed to be in their early 30s, were found along the highway at approximately 7 a.m. Saturday morning by a Hall County deputy. noted that it is likely poor visibility and tall grass obstructed the bodies of the victims throughout the night, which is why they were not found for several hours.

The victims have been identified as a 33 male, and his passenger, 21-year-old female, both Gainesville residents.

Although an investigation into the crash is ongoing, police believe that speed was a factor in the crash; alcohol may have also played a role, they note. Authorities believe the pair rode into the median and the driver lost control of the motorcycle.