National Child Passenger Safety Week & Seat Check Saturday

This week (September 23-29) is National Child Passenger Safety Week, which aims to raise awareness of the proper ways to keep children safe in vehicles. Authorities are planning to hold ‘Seat Check Saturday’ on September 29th to assess whether parents are taking the right precautionary measures to keep their children protected in the event of a vehicle accident.

In 2016, over 700 children aged younger than 13 years died in a motor vehicle accident because of improper seating or restraint.

A large number of parents don’t take their children’s safety seriously, resulting in the improper seating of children within a vehicle. Many children suffer from injuries because of their parent’s negligence, but keeping them safely restrained in a car seat can do a lot to save their life in an accident. In addition, parents don’t realize that their children should ride in the back seat until they are at least twelve years old. This lack of awareness among parents themselves is why children as young as six years are caught in the passenger seat.

Savannah Child Safety Seat Inspection Stations

Savannah has multiple Inspection Stations where parents can have a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians check the car seat, and ensure correct installation. They can also examine child safety seats for recalls. Call 912.350.1118 to schedule an appointment.

1st Wednesday of Each Month:
Memorial Health University Physicians
Provident OB/GYN Associates Rincon
241 Silverwood Commercial Dr.
Rincon, GA 31326

3rd Wednesday of Each Month:
Memorial University Medical Center
Pediatric Rehabilitation – Westside
Parkway Professional Plaza
130 Canal St., Bldg. 400
Pooler, GA 31322

2nd & 5th Wednesdays of Each Month:
Children’s Hospital at
Memorial University Medical Center
Children’s Hospital Outpatient Center
4700 Waters Ave.
Savannah, GA 31404

4th Wednesday of Each Month:
Memorial Health University Physicians
Provident OB/GYN Associates Richmond Hill
2429 Hwy. 17 South
Richmond Hill, GA 31324

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

To educate caretakers, parents, and guardians, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released a toolkit. This free resource has useful material that adults can download and share with their friends and family. All these factors can help in reducing the number of children involved in car accidents.

As of yet, all states have laws on child restraint in vehicles. However, in many cases, these regulations fall short of protecting children from injury. Various organizations expressed their concerns that parents should go farther than the restraint regulations to ensure that their children stay safe. 

For this reason, the Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced Seat Check Saturday to be on September 29. Throughout the country, organizations and institutions will raise awareness at car seat events. Certified safety technicians can give parents guidelines and instructions on installing a car seat safely.

Tips on Keeping Child Passengers Safe

1. Attend a car seat safety check event near you to find out more about how you can keep your child safer than just installing a car seat.
2. Don’t allow your child to ride in the passenger seat until they’re 12 years old.
3. Always put on a seat belt while driving; children imitate their parents so when you take measure to ensure your safety, so does your child.
4. Car seat models have an expiration date of up to ten years. As manufacturers release new models, old ones become obsolete. As time passes and certain models fail to meet the safety requirements set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, manufacturers recall them. Make sure to check the expiry date for your child’s car seat to know whether it has been recalled and it’s time to upgrade to a better version.
5. Don’t keep toddlers or infants in the passenger seat. In the event of an accident, an airbag can save you or an older child but for young children, they can be fatal.
6. Refuse to start the car until your children comply and put on their seat belt; after a few incidents, they’ll be sure not to forget.
7. If you’re expecting a baby, have a car seat installed by a specialized child safety technician beforehand.

Children Left in Hot Cars

Another thing to consider in regards to child passenger safety is temperature. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, many children die due to being left unattended inside a hot vehicle. 87% of those who die under these circumstances are 3 years or younger, 54% are forgotten, while 17% are intentionally left inside a vehicle by an adult. These types of unfortunate deaths are preventable. Visit the National Safety Council site to learn more.

Below are some additional resources on child passenger safety:
- Child Passenger Safety Board
- Special Needs Transportation

Remember: these types of auto injuries and fatalities are preventable. It’s always good to stay educated. Keep these tips in mind if you are a parent, guardian, or caretaker traveling with young children in vehicles. These measures can make the difference between saving or risking a child’s life. Should you find yourself in an auto accident, The Eichholz Law Firm has a staff of attorneys with the experience and expertise to handle your situation. Please contact us at the Eichholz Law Firm today for a free consultation.