NHTSA Launches Campaign Aimed at Educating Drivers on Tire Safety

Do you know how to tell when you need new tires? Do you check your tire pressure monthly? How does hotter or colder weather affect your tires? Many drivers don’t know the answer to these questions which is why the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has launched a TireWise campaign to spread the word about tire safety.

Even though tire-related car accidents are mostly preventable, approximately 11,000 occur every year in the U.S, with nearly 200 of them proving fatal.

The NHTSA’s SaferCar website will feature a section focused exclusively on tire safety, recalls, consumer complaints, and informative videos on the life of a tire. Some other helpful information on the site includes:

  • How to select the right type and size of tire

  • How to check your tire pressure

  • Checking tires for wear and other defects

  • Checking the age of your tire and what makes tires prone to aging and failure

  • How to check your tire’s conditions throughout the seasons

  • Knowing when to replace your tires

The NHTSA is billing TireWise as “a resource for tire manufacturers, sellers and other partners to provide essential information to consumers for choosing and caring for their tires.”

To learn more visit www.safercar.gov/tires and check your vehicle’s tires today to ensure that your vehicle is safe.