Parking Lot Accidents

When we think of car accidents we often think of highways and busy intersections, but a parking lot accident can be just as serious as others. Although rear-end collisions are the most common type of accident, parking lot accidents come in at a close second.

According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, about 14 percent of auto damage claims involved a parking lot accident in a major metropolitan area. Although some accidents only involve minor taps others involve serious property damage and even accident injuries. Unfortunately a large number of parking lot accidents are also hit-and-run collisions.

What to do after a parking lot accident

When a parking lot accident happens most individuals will think they can handle it on their own, some will even try to reason with the victim that it was just a small parking lot incident. Unfortunately, failing to report an accident can minimize how much the victim may receive for property damage and medical expenses they might incur.

The following are a few steps to take if you are involved in a parking lot collision:

  • Remain calm and call for help. Even if it was a minor tap, leaving the scene of a collision could lead to criminal charges. Call law enforcement for assistance and to report the accident. Get contact information from the police officer who arrives in case a police report is not filed.
  • Take photos. Even if you’re obstructing traffic, it is important to take photos of the precise scene. Also take photos of damage caused and any immediate injuries you notice.
  • Ask witnesses for their account of the accident. You should also get any witnesses’ contact information.
  • If the location had surveillance, seek out the footage if it is available.
  • Exchange information with the other driver including who their insurance provider is, and vehicle and driver’s license information.

In some cases determining fault is easy. If you are the individual entering the flow of traffic such as backing out of a parking space, you may be deemed the one at fault. In other cases though a vehicle may have been speeding through the lot, two vehicles may have been exiting at once, and many other scenarios that can make it tricky to determine who is to blame.

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