Red Light Accidents

Each year there are around two million red light accidents in the United States due to the carelessness and negligent actions of drivers.

The red light was designed to direct the flow of traffic in a universal and organized manner around the United States.  As citizens we depend on these lights to tell us when it is our turn to proceed and when it is safe to cross an intersection, unfortunately too many people disregard these signals causing accidents.

A statistic by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that individuals who run a red light are responsible for 165,000 fatality victims each year.  In addition, nearly 50 percent of these collisions result in harm to an innocent individual.  Therefore, we can assess that one out of every two red light accidents result in death due to the negligence of another driver.

Causes of Red Light Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration took a poll revealing that over 97 percent of motorists believe that individuals who run red lights are hazardous to one’s safety.  Supporting evidence shows that one-third of all drivers personally know someone who had been injured or killed in a red light crash.  Thus, individuals who run red lights in Georgia pose a huge threat to others on our roadways.

Unfortunately there are a great variety of factors which contribute to an individual running a red light. Some of the most common reasons for red light accidents include:

Sadly texting and driving has become the leading cause of automobile accidents in the United States. As our Country begins to react to this issue, more laws are continuing to be passed to ban the use of a mobile phone while an automobile is in motion.  Typically, the following characteristics are demonstrated by individuals who fail to stop at red lights:

Red Light Cameras in Georgia

Throughout the state of Georgia there have been dozens of red light cameras installed. These cameras have reported thousands of violations along with thousands of citations. A few notable areas in Savannah include:

Abercorn Street and DeRenne Avenue –

  • 4,821 Violations
  • 14,087 Citations
  • $986,090 Collected

Abercorn Street and Mall Boulevard –

  • 2,387 Violations
  • 14,087 Citations
  • $986,090 Collected

Abercorn Street and White Bluff Road –

  • 6,879 Violations
  • 14,087 Citations
  • $986,090 Collected

Most notably, out of eight red light cameras installed throughout Atlanta, they have collected approximately $2.4 million. Thus, causing individuals to pay more attention while driving and think twice before accelerating past that red light. Plus, in Georgia, red light penalties are a $70 max for those with no conviction or record of offense, while those repeat offenders may receive a penalty up to $1000 and three points.