Road Design, Car Accidents, and Lawsuits

Did you know that municipalities have a duty to keep roadways safe?

Unfortunately, poorly designed and dangerous roadways result in a significant number of motor vehicle crashes per year.

Sometimes car accidents are not the fault of humans.  Investigations and proceedings after such crashes can be incredibly upsetting, particularly when there’s nobody to blame, except the road designer.  To add to the frustration, insurance companies can often stall or not give the appropriate claim for such an incident.

Hazardous Roadway Issues

Below are some common issues relating to poor road design and hazardous conditions that result in motor vehicle crashes every year.

  • Dangerous roads resulting from weather conditions- This can include wet or slick roads from snow or ice.  Roadway obstructions such as a fallen tree from a storm could also be an example.
  • Poorly maintained roads- This can include roads with pot holes, debris, gravel and oil
  • Roadway obstructions that impair views- This includes poorly lit areas, poorly marked areas, blind curves and more.
  • Malfunctioning or missing traffic signs and/ or signals
  • Unsafe and inadequate narrow shoulders and roads
  • Unmarked construction signage
  • Dangerous intersections, ramps, drop offs, cross sections, ramps and more due to poor road design