Runaway Trailer Injury Attorneys

A runaway trailer accident occurs when the truck’s speed does not match the speed of the trailer. The trailer’s speed can force the truck to swerve out of control.

Under other conditions, the trailer can detach from the truck, causing a path of destruction until it comes to a full stop. Runaway trailers can cause massive property damage and serious injuries.

It takes a certain skill level to operate a commercial truck safely. Truck drivers throughout the United States are required to have a special license to operate commercial vehicle. Driver negligence or defective truck equipment can cause a serious crash on Georgia roads.

Causes of Runaway Trailers

There are a number of factors that can result in a Georgia runaway trailer accident. Some common factors include overloaded trailers, brake failure and defective truck equipment, sudden turns, speeding and steep declines.

Overloaded Trailers

When a commercial truck’s trailer is loaded with more freight that it is permitted to transport or it can carry safely, it can have disastrous effects. The overloaded trailer can cause the tires to blowout or the brakes to fail, resulting in the truck veering out of control. If you were involved in a runaway trailer accident, it’s imperative to find out whether the shipping company overloaded the truck. If the company was aware of the truck being overloaded, they can be held accountable for the crash.

Brake Failure and Defective Truck Equipment

A truck’s trailer can detach from the truck when the trailer’s fail to work in conjunction with the truck’s brakes. Defective equipment or mechanical failure can cause the trailer to detach. A proper inspection of the commercial vehicle before it gets on the road can detect defective auto parts.

Sudden Turns

If a truck driver takes a turn too fast or if the truck jackknifes, a trailer can become unattached. If the trucker was operating the vehicle unsafely which caused them to make a sudden turn and the trailer became detached, the driver could be held responsible for the accident. Additionally, the trucking company that employed the driver may also be held accountable for any damages caused.


Depending on the type of loads that was being transported, the cargo’s weight and the road conditions, truckers may need to adjust their speed. If a truck driver is driving too fast for the conditions, it can cause a runaway trailer accident.

Steep Declines

Sometimes when a truck driver is trying to decrease their speed while on a steep decline, the trucker may have trouble with the brakes. A knowledgeable truck accident attorney can investigate whether the accident was caused by poor road design or by driver negligence.