Strict Regulations From the FDA on E-Cigarette Sales

E-cigarettes are increasingly becoming the “safer alternative” to regular cigarettes, but the truth is that e-cigarettes are not 100% safe and have unique risks, despite being different than a tobacco cigarette. This new e-cigarette trend is being used by both former smokers and minors who have easy access to the product. Due to the large number of minors smoking e-cigarettes, regulators have become stricter over this product and plant to establish safety standards and control the sale of e-cigarettes.

Minimum Age Requirement Violations

The Food and Drug Administration has begun speaking with Walgreens about the company’s frequent violations of minimum age regulations in relation to e-cigarettes. The company is responsible for over 1,800 minimum age requirement violations. Walgreens has been contacted by the FDA to discuss the numerous violations and to investigate into whether or not this issue is occurring throughout the corporation. The FDA says that Walgreens not only violates the rules for e-cigarette sales, but that the company is also one of the largest culprits for selling tobacco to minors. A letter has been issued to Walgreens expressing the FDA’s concerns over a number of violations across its stores.

The warning letter was not only sent to Walgreens but to other top violators of the minimum age requirement rules. The FDA wants the guilty companies to be aware that they intend to enforce regulations that have been routinely broken. The most frequent violators of these rules were gas stations. Other store chains such as Wal-Mart and Kroger were also warned. All of the companies that were addressed in the letter are required by the FDA to submit a response in writing within 15 days after receiving the warning letter.

E-Cigarettes Targeting Minors With Unethical Marketing

In addition to taking steps to create stricter minor sales regulations, the FDA also announced that it was investigating marketing tactics used by certain e-cigarette companies that target youth. Products such as flavored e-cigarettes and electronic nicotine delivery systems are included in this investigation. The FDA also wanted to inform the public that e-cigarettes do contain nicotine and are not a completely safe alternative to normal cigarettes.

The FDA’s announcements have sparked a more continuous campaign to regulate e-cigarettes. The new campaign will be made up of future policies that address the use of e-cigarettes and more information from the FDA. It has also been made clear by the FDA that even though Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb is resigning, the efforts of the administration to regulate e-cigarettes will continue to be a priority. The administration has informed the public that sales of e-cigarettes will continue to be restricted if violations continue to occur.

E-cigarettes will continue to be legally purchased in the appropriate manner, but the FDA will perform further studies on the effects of e-cigarettes and strictly regulate their sales. A major concern for the FDA is that continuous e-cigarette usage may harm the lungs and eventually lead to lung cancer even if it is not a direct cause.

Manufacturers Are Currently Facing E-cigarette Lawsuits

E-cigarette companies have marketed their products as a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes, however research and studies have found that e-cigarettes do contain nicotine. Now, these e-cigarette companies are being faced with lawsuits just like tobacco companies did in the past. Victims are filing e-cigarette lawsuits claiming that the manufacturers have deceptively marketed their products as safe when they are dangerous.

One popular brand of e-cigarettes that is currently facing numerous lawsuits and FDA regulations is the Juul. The company is involved in an increasing number of Juul lawsuits with claims that include users being diagnosed with Pneumonia and claims of deceptive marketing.

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