SUV Rollover Accidents

An SUV Rollover Accident Calls for an Experienced Law Firm

Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are a popular choice for many Georgia families.  Unfortunately, SUV rollover accidents happen often and have been known to cause serious and even fatal injuries, resulting in potential wrongful death lawsuits and products liability litigation. SUVs are more inclined to rollover than smaller passenger vehicles because they tend to be top-heavy, with a high center of gravity.

Statistics about SUV Rollover Accidents

A study found that a rollover played a part in 36 percent of fatal SUV crashes in 2003, while about 16 percent of fatal passenger car accidents involved a rollover. Rollovers may be a result of tire separation on the SUV or a design defect in the SUV.

Injuries tend to be severe due to any number of factors. When an SUV rolls over, the roof may be crushed, which can cause head injury or spinal cord damage. Occupants may be thrown from the vehicle as the windows become weak and break under the pressure of the rollover.