Tire Blowout Tips

One of the scariest moments that a driver can experience on the road is a tire blowout. A blowout occurs when the air escapes from the tire slowly or at all at once, leaving the tire with less pressure than it needs to support the vehicle’s weight.

According to Michelin, approximately 500 deaths and 23,000 accidents are attributed to tire blowouts every year.

Causes of Tire Blowouts

Tire issues can pose a serious threat to Georgia drivers. Motorists will make sure that their vehicle’s oil is changed regularly, however few drivers inspect their tires on a regular basis.

There are number of factors that can cause a tire blowout. Listed below are some of the common causes for a tire blowout:

Tire Tread Separation

Tire tread separation can be linked to a number of defects and errors that occur during the manufacturing process. Regardless of what caused the tire tread separation, it often leads to serious blowout accidents.  When a tire de-treads at a high speed, the results are sometime fatal.

Tire tread separation is often caused by the failure of the metal belt material to bond with rubber in a tire. The metal belt is typically plated with brass which is then bonded with rubber in the with a rubber compound that contains sulfur. If the chemical composition of the sulfur and other materials is not ideal or if the brass coating oxides, the components will not stick.

Some other errors in the bonding process that can cause tread separation include:

  • Sub-optimal temperatures
  • Parts that are not sized properly
  • Materials that are contaminated with rust, moisture, oxidation, grease or other foreign materials.

Tire tread separation has caused thousands of car wrecks on Georgia’s roads.