U-Haul Truck Accident Attorneys

Moving in America is one of the most stressful activities that the average adult must partake in. When an individual in Georgia is moving from one place to another, it often feels as though their entire life is being picked up and moved.

During these times, the people moving are often running around to get things packed up and loaded hurriedly as they attempt to go back to their normal life as quickly as possible. After boxes upon boxes are packed, the last step is often to rent a U-Haul truck trailer in order to physically transport these items from the old residence to the new one.

Unfortunately, however, an average driver is not accustomed to operating a vehicle while carrying a U-Haul trailer behind. When these situations occur, there are a number of potential hazards that exists for both the driver of the U-Haul and any other vehicles on the roads. In Georgia, renting a U-Haul is customary when moving from one place to another. However, when a U-Haul trailer is rented, the renters are seldom vetted to determine their ability to operate a vehicle with a trailer. When this occurs, the driver is put at a serious risk of potentially causing a number of injuries and damages in theevent of a collision.

Dangers of Towing a U-Haul

U-Haul International, Inc. is the most popular moving equipment company in the United States. Based in Phoenix, this company has been providing moving equipment to the masses since 1945. As such a dominant player in the moving equipment industry, U-Haul has had minimal publicity regarding the large number of issues that have existed every year due to inadequate trailers. U-Haul not only rents out defective moving trailers, but they happen to be the only moving company in America which allows towing on an SUV.

Most notably, the Ford Explorer has been linked to a large number of U-Haul truck accidents. A significant portion of these safety issues go beyond the defect products that they have sold. For instance, when a renter goes to tow a U-Haul with an SUV, they are not informed of the weight dangers present. According to U-Haul requirements, the vehicle towing the trailer must weigh the same as the U-Haul. However, renters are not made aware of the serious dangers involved when the weight of the U-Haul exceeds that of the vehicle. More often than not, U-Haul companies will check that the weight of their trailer is below that of the renter’s car; however, once this trailer is loaded the weight is drastically varied.

As a result, U-Haul has been involved in a large number of lawsuits. From maintenance issues and faulty brakes to inadequate information regarding trailer and load weights, U-Haul has been responsible for causing countless collisions in the state of Georgia. Dealing with insurance companies and opposing parties involved in an accident can be incredibly difficult and complex. For example, depending upon the specific liability insurance and insurance “sold” by U-Haul could drastically alter the pending litigation. For this reason, a U-Haul truck accident attorney is essential in any court proceedings. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a crash involving a U-Haul truck, contact the Eichholz Law Firm today.