United Airlines Passengers Taken to Hospital After Intense Odors on Plane

On the morning of Friday, March 29, 2019, in Dulles, Virginia, a flight unexpectedly landed after being diverted to Dulles International Airport. The reason for the landing was to allow seven passengers on the plane to be taken to the hospital for medical attention after an unusual odor was detected on the flight.

The plane, a Boeing 737, was rerouted from Baltimore-Washington Airport while it was originally supposed to travel to San Francisco International Airport.

The United Airlines plane, making flight 1675, was suddenly diverted after there were reports of odor in the cabin. Dulles Airport fire and rescue crews immediately responded to the reports, according to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. The decision to land the passengers so they could be transported to the hospital as a precaution was an immediate reaction from the flight crew.

According to Scott Seely, who was on the United Airlines flight 1675, a flight attendant made an announcement that reiterated one made by the pilot, and that the plane was having problems with jet fuel fumes in the passengers’ area. It was then that the flight was rerouted from its original destination of San Francisco, California, and eventually landed at Dulles Airport on Runway 19C without any problems. Many passengers on the flight were delayed by as much as ten hours as they were forced to make alternate travel arrangements.

Passengers Became Sick From Odors

After landing, seven passengers from flight 1675 were transported to Inova Loudoun Hospital. Officials from the hospital confirmed that it had treated three of those individuals. However, hospital officials did not have any information on their conditions after they were treated.

One passenger, Frankie Lawrence, stated that he saw people being rolled away on stretchers and that there were at least three in question.

An airline journalist named Seth Kaplan stated that planes are just like cars and that if fumes are detected in high volumes, they could make people sick. He added that this was the situation that occurred with flight 1675 and that the passengers were taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

Lack of Information From United Airlines

United Airlines issued a statement about the incident and said that flight 1675 was rerouted to Washington Dulles due to a noxious odor emanating from the cabin of the plane. It continued that the plane safely landed and that passengers were immediately taken to the hospital for medical evaluations. The statement did not provide any information on the exact cause of the odor. The only mention of the incident has been the airline’s statement and reporting on the day of the incident. No further information was released, so while the airline may know the underlying cause of the incident, the general public was not informed.

Boeing 737 planes have been having problems for the past few months. There have been questions about their safety as at least two have crashed, resulting in numerous fatalities.

Aviation Lawsuits & Liability

If passengers are injured for any reason while aboard an airplane, the airlines may be financially liable. Airlines have a duty of care to their customers and must prevent passengers from being injured while aboard their airplane. Situations may occur where the airplane malfunctions and causes harm to the passengers. Depending on the findings from the investigation of the incident, the airline may be liable for the injuries to their passengers. Airlines may have to compensate passengers for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills
  • Financial damage suffered by passengers

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