Valsartan Drug Recall

Aurobindo Pharma USA recently recalled 80 lots of drugs with valsartan. The company implemented the voluntary recall after the Food and Drug Administration suggested it. According to the FDA, the medications contained a substance that was not supposed to be in them. Aurobindo Pharma USA issued the recall as a precaution but stated that no adverse effects were reported to the company by patients.

Valsartan drugs are often prescribed to patients with heart failure. The active ingredient in the drug has a relaxing effect on blood vessels and improves circulation. Also, valsartan-containing medications are used to treat high blood pressure. Some physicians prescribe them to prevent other heart problems, stroke and kidney issues.

Why Is Valsartan Being Recalled?

According to the FDA, many valsartan tablets that were tested contained N-nitrosodiethylamine, which is commonly called NDEA. The chemical occurs naturally in drinking water, some foods, and industrial processes. Also, NDEA is present in polluted air. The Environmental Protection Agency lists NDEA as a probable human carcinogen. Since the chemical may have harmful effects, the FDA suggested the valsartan recall.

Which Valsartan Drugs Are Affected?

Although the Aurobindo Pharma USA recall includes more than 50 specific variations of valsartan-containing drugs based on dosage, quantity and other factors, the recall affects three major products. Those medications include:

  • Valsartan HCTZ
  • Valsartan
  • Amlodipine with valsartan

Most of the affected drugs have expiration dates between 2019 and 2021. Anyone who has a bottle of these drugs at home should check the FDA’s website for a complete list of recalled lot numbers. If patients are unsure about where to locate a lot number on a medication container, they can contact the pharmacy that dispensed the substance. The FDA’s site includes other pieces of information about the medication packaging of the affected drugs.

What Should Patients Do?

News about a drug recall can cause distress to patients who are already suffering from health problems. This valsartan recall is based on carcinogens being linked to cancer. Patients who experienced harmful effects or were diagnosed with cancer after taking valsartan may qualify for compensation. A personal injury attorney can help by filing a lawsuit. The most common types of cancer reported by patients who took valsartan include:

  • Lung cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Liver cancer

The FDA warned patients not to stop taking their valsartan-containing drugs without first starting a new medication that was recommended by a personal physician. Stopping a valsartan drug suddenly may lead to worsening heart problems, stroke or other serious health problems. KBTX said that affected patients can call 1-866-850-2876 for more information about this recall.

How To Get Professional Legal Help

Patients who experienced problems that warranted additional medical care should contact an attorney for a free case evaluation. The attorneys at the Eichholz Law Firm have more than 40 years of experience with dangerous product and dangerous medication lawsuits. They work on each client’s behalf and complete the paperwork, negotiations, and research to help them win adequate compensation for their injuries. The firm is committed to helping victims improve their quality of life and to demonstrating social responsibility by giving back to the community. Please call for a free and confidential consultation.