The United States Coast Guard along with Chatham County officials has warned mariners and Savannah area residence to expect elevated water levels along with faster moving water on the Savannah River.

These conditions are expected to begin today and will peak around Monday with a 10 foot high tide. This will be caused by the continuing rain and the release of flood shortage reservoirs at Hartwell, Richard Russell and J. Strom Thurmond lakes. These two factors will likely cause minor flooding along the Savannah River.

Officials would like to warn Savannah citizens that floodwater may spill onto the west end of River Street and will likely cover a portion U.S. Route 80 towards Tybee Island.  The Georgia Department of Transportation will be placing electronic message boards along U.S Route 80 to inform drivers of these potential hazards.

As with any road hazard, drivers should maintain full awareness and try to avoid driving though water hazards. In fact, our law firm has compiled a list of bad weather driving tips for situations such as these to help individuals in our community remain safe on our roadways.