In a report recently issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), it has been revealed that seventeen bicycle vs. automotive accident fatalities occurred in in 2012, which has resulted in the state of Georgia ranking #10 in the nation as one of the most dangerous places for cyclists to ride.

Another startling fact is that approximately 69% of all cycling fatalities took place in urban areas, with most of those accidents happening at non-intersections.

To help reduce this fatality rate, Mr. John Pecchio—a traffic safety consultant with the AAA—was recently quoted as saying:

“Bicycle riders greatly increase their chance of being injured or killed if they dart in front of vehicles or do not obey all traffic signs and signals.”

With this in mind, a Top 10 list of do’s and don’t for cyclist safety include:

  1. Be sure to wear an approved safety helmet
  2. Always follow the local traffic rules
  3. Signal your intentions when turning across traffic
  4. Always ride in the same direction as the flow of traffic
  5. Try to wear reflective clothing and tape on your bicycle
  6. Use a front and rear light when riding at night
  7. Do not make sudden, unexpected moves
  8. Stay alert and aware of your surroundings
  9. Stop at all stop signs and red lights
  10. Whenever possible, use bike routes or designated bicycle lanes

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