After immense public scrutiny over its refusal to share the accident reports from its driverless cars, Google has created a website to host monthly updates and reports on the vehicles.

In six years of testing on California roads, the autonomous cars have been involved in 13 accidents, two of which occurred last week, prompting the push for transparency.

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Watchdog organizations and critics of the new technology continue to question the safe integration of these vehicles onto the roads and have been pushing for more information about the accidents.

Prior to the recent announcement, Google and the Department of Motor Vehicles refused to release the accident reports, citing privacy concerns for the other drivers involved.

Google has stated that none of the accidents were the fault of the Google vehicles and that in most of the accidents, the vehicles were rear-ended.

The company says that the vehicles were rear-ended at stop lights and on the freeway. They have also been side swiped several times and hit by a car that rolled through a stop sign.

All of the accidents have involved Google’s self-driving Lexus RX450h sport utility vehicle. But Google has also developed its own pod-like prototype that is set to hit California roads this summer.

Google described the prototype as “the world’s first fully self-driving vehicle.”

With the continued immersion of driverless vehicles onto the roads, more and more questions will continue to arise about who should be held accountable for accidents.

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