Halloween Party

If your children are taking part in Halloween traditions this year, you may be worried about whether trick-or-treating, parties, or even candy consumption will put your child at risk of injury. Luckily, keeping a few safety tips in mind can make all the difference.

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Tips for Trick-or-Treaters

By far, the biggest concern at Halloween is the safety of all trick-or-treaters. Be they children or ‘tweens, kids tend to forget safety rules amid the excitement of candy collecting and dressing up with friends. Trick-or-treaters should always remember to:

  • Follow road rules and cross at crosswalks
  • Wear clothing that is reflective, when possible
  • Go door-to-door only in residential areas that welcome visitors
  • Stay in a group
  • Decide with an adult where you will be going and what time you will be home

Although it is always best to have an adult chaperone, older children and teens sometimes will roam in groups and trick-or-treat on their own. In particular, this group should pay close attention to traffic patterns, always obeying the laws that govern right-of-way in crosswalks, at stop signs and more.

Tips for Drivers

Perhaps the group that presents the greatest danger for Halloween participants are motorists. Driving through a residential area this evening will surely put you face to face with trick-or-treaters looking to cross the street.

Always remember to drive slowly and cautiously, especially around children. Watch for people standing on curbs or medians, and try to anticipate their actions. It isn’t unlikely that an overzealous 12-year-old lagging behind his group of friends might dart out in front of your car when you least expect it. Overall, plan to travel slower than normal.

Tips for Parents

Parents are the first line of defense for keeping children safe on Halloween. Establishing ground rules for the evening—such as who the child will be with, where they will go and what time they will be home—can eliminate a host of problems later in the evening.

It’s almost a cliché, but before any candy is consumed, a parent should thoroughly check it to make sure it has not been tampered with. While the great majority of Halloween candy should be safe, children are better off letting an adult check out their loot before they chow down.

Getting Help for a Halloween Accident

In the worst case scenario, something does happen to your child; a negligent driver hits them while they cross at a designated crosswalk, or they are harmed on another person’s property. Whatever the case, if your child was hurt because of another person’s careless actions on Halloween, you could be entitled to compensation.

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From all of us at The Eichholz Law Firm—have a spooky and safe Halloween!