Movies buffs who enjoy thrills, excitement, and action have likely seen just about every car crash in movie history. However, with new movies coming out each year and plenty of them trying to top the other, car crash scenes are getting bigger and messier.

Dating back to silent movies where car accidents were used for slapstick humor, car crash scenes are now common in most any type of movie whether it’s a romantic comedy where a couple falls in love after one crashes into another or an action flick where it seems like an accident is happening every five seconds.

The following are some of the most outrageous car accidents in movie history.

Gone in 60 Seconds (the original)
While the more recent adaptation of the movie had more than its share of accident scenes, the original featured a car chase that resulted in 93 cars being destroyed. And as with movies before CGI some of the accidents were unscripted and very real.

Blues Brothers
Taking the lead with smashing 103 vehicles, specifically police cruisers, Blues Brothers featured one of the best pile up scenes in movie history. Eventually the series broke its own record when the sequel, Blues Brothers 2, crashed 104 cars.

Although there are several scenes to choose from throughout all four (soon to be 5) movies, the crane driving through the city demolishing vehicles and buildings in Terminator 3 was something to behold.

National Lampoon’s Vacation
This single-vehicle wreck did not injure anyone except for probably Clark Griswold’s ego. Catching air after heading down a side road the family station wagon lands, and then all four tires pop.

Although featured in many movies, accident scenes wherein the viewer sees the crash happening can be devastating to watch. This one in particular however is an example of how a car accident can be life-altering.

Final Destination 2
Real life car accidents happen in a split-second, but in this movie the victim was able to see the crash before it occurred and eventually prevent her own death…for a short time.

Bad Boys 2
An epic chase scene leads to the release of vehicles being transported on a semi-trailer onto a busy highway. The scene finally ends with a car smashing into a building.

No one ever wants to have to watch their loved one’s involvement in a fatal car accident. However, in this movie, a woman watches this happen over and over as she tries to prevent the accident from happening.

The Matrix Reloaded
With an astonishing 300 vehicles being destroyed in the second installment of this series, the following scene shows a head-on collision involving semi-trailers. Not only is the scene one that most anyone would not want to near, the directors slowed down the crash for full-effect.

Transformers 3
One of the latest installments of the popular franchise featured a highway chase that lead to more than 500 vehicle smashes. Don’t worry, the vehicles were already headed to the junkyard after suffering flood damage.