The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) recently changed their predictions for the number of named storms and hurricanes they expect to see form over the Atlantic this season.

The six months between June and November comprising hurricane season typically sees 12 named storms, six hurricanes and three major storm events; however, NOAA originally predicted an extremely rough year with over 20 named storms. Recent data has caused them to scale those predictions back somewhat, although they are still expecting 13 to 19 named storms.

Data from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency suggests that 65% of Georgians would not know how to evacuate or where to go in the event a storm hits their area.

NOAA forecasters say that an overactive storm season is still 70% likely, as there have already been four named storms so far this year.

Keeping a kit of supplies in an easily accessible area in your home will help you to stay calm during the storm. Some items to consider include: Water, food, can opener, flashlight and batteries, first aid supplies and hand sanitizer.

Storms during the Georgia hurricane season can cause serious personal injury. If you or someone you love were injured in a hurricane because of another person’s negligent behavior, contact The Eichholz Law Firm today.