Local authorities have just released details on the death of two individuals that were involved in a serious accident near a homeless camp just west of Savannah near the I-16 eastbound exit ramp.

According to a statement from Savannah-Chatham police spokesperson Julian Miller, the two people driving in the pickup truck were trying to use a dirt road back entrance to find the camp and apparently went into a small canal that is located near the camp. However, the dirt path was quite muddy due to the recent snow storms and it’s believed that the vehicles wheels went over the embankment and into the canal, flipping in the process.

While first responders were able to one of the occupants out of the vehicle, the other was unable to be rescued, with both people being pronounced dead at the scene.

Accident investigators and forensic officers remained at the scene until early morning and advised that the canal had approximately 3-4 feet of water in it at the time of the accident.

The names of the deceased have yet to be released.

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