Raw or unpasteurized milk causes 150 times more food poisoning outbreaks than pasteurized milk. States where the sell of raw milk is legal have twice as many outbreaks than the states where it is illegal. The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released these findings from a 13-year study. The study looked at 120 dairy-product based outbreaks, 60 percent of those outbreaks were caused by raw milk products, including cheese and yogurt. Researchers at the CDC found these results to be startling considering that only 1 percent of the milk consumed in this country is raw.

The study also revealed that young people are more likely to get sick form unpasteurized milk products. Sixty percent of the people who became sick from raw milk were under the age of 20, compared to 23 percent of people in pasteurized milk outbreaks. According to USA Today, proponents of unpasteurized dairy products believe that the products are beneficial to the health of adults and children. Barbara Mahon, Deputy Director of Enteric Diseases at the CDC, disagrees. Mahon says, “raw milk is a risk to human health. I know that there are people who believe that it has health giving or curative properties, but I have never seen any studies that support that, and it’s widely discredited in the public health community.”

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