In Effingham County, the first day back to school came and went. The Effingham County Sheriff’s Office, however, is making sure to keep an eye out on school zone speeders for the next few weeks.

According to WSAV, the department gave out some speeding tickets on the first day of school; some drivers were not even aware that school had started.

All the school zones in the county are 35 miles per hour, with the exception of Effingham County High School and Middle School streets, which are 40 mile per hour zones. The Sheriff’s Office wants to remind drivers to slow down during school hours and to watch for buses.

According to the ECSO, when a bus activates its lights and stop signs, motorists must stop in both directions unless they are separated by a median.

Across county lines, a new law in South Carolina is allowing law enforcement to write traffic tickets to motorists who are caught breaking the law by cameras installed on school buses. After reviewing the tapes, if police are able to identify the license plate and driver, they may be ticketed for the offense – often illegally passing a school bus that is stopped to let students out.

With school back in session in some areas, the car accident lawyers at The Eiccholz Law Firm would also like to remind drivers to watch for pedestrians and bicyclists. Between 2003 and 2009, the number of pedestrian injuries increased by 13 percent and the actual number of pedestrian accidents grew by 16 percent.

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