With the number of vehicle recalls increasing at a consistent rate over the past few years, many owners of affected vehicles are not sure what to do or who they can contact for help about getting their vehicle fixed.

In the interest of occupant and pedestrian safety, at the law offices of The Eichholz Law Firm we would like to provide a Top 5 list of important things for vehicles owners to consider as part of the recall process:

  1. Stay Calm: In many cases, recalls are issued to help PREVENT further problems and ensure that any issues are fixed before they cause a serious accident. By keeping calm and educating yourself with as much accurate information as possible, you can help to ensure that your vehicle is fixed in a timely manner and safe to resume normal driving activities with a minimal amount of inconvenience or disruption to your daily routine.
  2. Check With The NHTSA: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a detailed database on all of the makes and models that have been recalled. Click “here” to visit their website and simply enter the details of your vehicle to check for any recalls that may be applicable for your car, truck or motorcycle.
  3. Contact The Manufacturer: Almost all auto manufacturers will have a contact number on their website for customers to call and speak to a representative about any current recalls. In most instances, the manufacturer will be able to provide details on your vehicle and who you can contact to have any issues corrected.
  4. Set Up A Repair Appointment: Many local auto dealers also have a full service workshop on their premises. Be sure to call your local dealership to check if they are honoring any recall repairs for your make and model and if so, book an appointment as quickly as possible to have your vehicle fixed.
  5. Try Not To Use The Vehicle: There can be instances when a vehicle design or manufacturing flaw can make the vehicle dangerous to drive. With this in mind, it’s always a good practice to try and avoid driving a recalled vehicle until the problems are corrected. You can always have the vehicle towed to the repair shop however, this will often be at your own expense.

Have you or someone that you love been affected by a recall? Perhaps you were involved in an accident that may have been attributed to a defect with your vehicle?

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