doctors-officeMany people, after an auto accident, make mistakes when it comes to dealing with their medical injuries and doctors. It is important to navigate the medical aspects of your accident just as well as the legal aspects.

If you were recently hurt in a Savannah car accident, you almost certainly have many questions and our experienced lawyers have answers.

The Eichholz Law Firm is 100 percent committed to helping our clients deal with doctors after an accident and get the restitution they deserve.

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Here are five rules for dealing with doctors after an accident:

  • See a doctor right away. Insurance companies consider the amount of time lapsed between your car wreck and scheduling an appointment to see a doctor.
  • Keep medical and legal advice separate. Some doctors send all their patients to the same lawyer – and insurance companies will look for this.
  • Let your doctor know what you do for a living. You can go back to work faster if you aren’t on your feet all day – and you don’t want to lose your job after an accident due to too much time away.
  • Don’t stop going to appointments, even if you start to feel better. Pain can often linger or resurface.
  • Look at your records before you release them to the insurance companies. Doctors are smart but are human and capable of making mistakes.

At The Eichholz Law Firm, we pride ourselves on helping our clients deal with the confusing medical world and dealing with doctors after a car accident, and we only get paid when a recovery is made on your behalf.

We have built a solid reputation for successfully investigating claims on behalf of victim’s to get you the compensation you deserve.