You Have a Right to Compensation Through a Diminished Value Claim

Serious injuries from an auto accident can be devastating, but even if you walk away from a significant car crash unscathed, your vehicle will likely have sustained major damage. The insurance company must return your car to its condition before the accident, which means it not only must pay to fix the damage buy also pay for the lost value of the vehicle.

Any car that has been involved in an accident will be more difficult to sell than the same type of vehicle that has not been in an accident. This reduction in the resale value is known as diminished value. If you sell your car to an individual or a car dealership, you may be asked if the car was in an accident and this information is available to consumers and dealers through car reports.

At the Eichholz Law Firm, we have experience helping clients pursue monetary compensation for the diminished value of their vehicles after accidents. If you sustained property damage in an auto accident, we can help you get the full compensation you deserve. In Georgia, you are entitled to receive financial compensation for the diminished value of your vehicle in an accident, whether you were at fault or the other driver was negligent. An important case that helped establish the right to compensation for lost value is State Farm Mutual Auto Ins. Co. v Mabry (274 GA 498).

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