Fatima And Cameron

On May 9, 2017, Fatima Alexis Zeidan and Cameron Woodard began a two day trial before Judge Bessen in Fulton County State Court.  Our client was a young man who was injured in a rear-end collision at a traffic light.

The defense contended that this was a “low impact” collision and tried to persuade the jurors that the collision was too insignificant to have been able to be a mechanism for injury. They also focused on the gaps in our client’s treatment as evidence our client was not hurt.

The insurance carrier only offered $10,000 on $30,000 in medical expenses.

Our lawyers rolled the dice, rolled up their sleeves, and tried the case! Ultimately they got the jury to see through the defense’s nonsensical story and awarded $82,401.44. An amount over 8 times the insurance carrier’s best offer before trial!

This is no easy task.  Jurors are like everyone else.  Many people can be persuaded that collisions without much property damage are not likely to cause serious injury and our clients don’t deserve much money for their medical bills or their pain and suffering.  Many lawyers lose cases identical to this one for the reason of low property damage. Pictures can be hard to overcome, especially in the age where jurors want to see hard impacts or gruesome injuries.   Personal injury lawyers repeatedly hear the defense’s argument of the low impact, soft tissue case.  There’s even a term for it: MIST cases.  The truth is that cases with low property damage do not always produce small or negligible injuries just as cases with serious property damage don’t always produce significant injuries.  Each case is a case by case analysis.

Many insurers disagree with this fact, and many jurors are persuaded by these antics.  We have truly done something important and we will keep fighting the good fight for Justice.

The firm is very proud of this verdict!

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