Making the decision about which nursing facility your elderly loved one will feel the most comfortable in can be a challenging process. Every family member would like to ensure that this elder is taken care of with the most love and support possible. Sadly, however, the treatment of elders at nursing facilities has been greatly compromised. More and more reports are being released regarding nursing home abuse and neglect. Therefore, when choosing between different types of elderly care, family members must make careful decisions.

Choosing between the available types of elderly care is no easy task. Family members and loved ones must determine what is most important to their elderly family member, what the different types of elderly care offer, and how both of these align with one another. Knowing the difference between the various elderly care facilities will prove to be monumental in the decision making process.

The Eichholz Law Firm has dedicated many years to the study and practice of nursing home litigation. When an elderly family member suffers at the hands of a trusted facility and staff, the at-fault parties must be held liable for any injuries and suffering caused. If you have an elderly family member who has experienced any type of nursing home neglect or abuse, our Savannah personal injury lawyers are here for you.

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Types of Elderly Care

The majority of family members looking for elderly care understand the needs and wants of their loved one. However, determining which facility is able to address these needs and wants in a safe, comforting manner is much more difficult. Some of the most important matters to consider when deciphering between types of elderly care, keep the following points in mind:

  • Types of care available
  • Minimum care required for your specific family member
  • Professional providers
  • Family expectations for the facility

Keeping the above elements in mind will help to determine exactly what you and your family is looking for, making the selection process a bit easier. In general, elder care in the United States is either professionally-provided care or family-provided care. The following are the most common three types of elderly care:

Skilled Nursing Care

A skilled nursing care facility is necessary when the patient needs specific medical treatments. More often than not, the patient’s primary physician will oversee the treatment plan which is carried out by physical therapists and registered nurses in the facility. Patients requiring short-term care to recover from a serious illness often utilized the services of skilled nursing care. In addition, those patients who require long-term treatment will often choose a skilled nursing care facility.

Intermediate Nursing Care

When patients are in a stable condition yet requires regular care and daily assistance, an intermediate nursing care facility is often chosen. Like the skilled nursing care facilities, intermediate nursing care is often prescribed by an elder’s primary physician. However, in these situations the physician does not monitor the patient’s treatment. Intermediate nursing care is often given to those elders with long-term care requirements.

Custodial Care

With no medical background, the staff members within a custodial care facility are there to help residents with their day-to-day activities. Custodial care facilities typically offer help for patients needing grooming and eating assistance.

Making the decision to put your elderly loved one in a nursing care facility is not an easy one. Therefore, family members and loved ones must make sure that they are making the best decision possible. Elderly patients are unable to take care of themselves without the help of a recovery or custodial staff. Regardless of the types of elderly care chosen, it is essential that patients and their loved ones are well-informed prior to making any decision.

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