Emergency Room Errors Call for a Strong Attorney

Whenever we are treated in emergency rooms (ER), we expect doctors, nurses, technicians and all other medical staff to act promptly, professionally and appropriately. Lives are at stake, but sometimes accidents happen.

Each year, emergency rooms receive roughly 100 million visits. In some cases, the ERs are overcrowded, resulting in stress on the staff. Hospital administrators may cut corners and fail to adequately staff an ER, which may lead to negligence or serious emergency room errors.

A mistake in the ER can mean the difference between life and death. If you or a loved one was injured due to an emergency room error, discuss your case with an experienced attorney. If you lost a loved one, you may be able to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. If you were injured, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

Examples of Common Emergency Room Errors

The following are a few examples of emergency room errors that may result in serious injury or death:

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