Fox News reports that federal health official have confirmed 33 cases of a rare fungal eye infection across 7 states. All of the patients had undergone some type of eye procedure, including surgery or injections. According to the CDC, 23 people had some degree of vision loss after the infection and 24 people had to undergo another eye surgery.

Health officials traced many of the cases to a dye and an injection including triamcinolone and other products from Franck’s Compounding Lab in Ocala. The Food and Drug Administration tested unopened bottles and unused syringes of the dye collected and found bacterial and fungal species.

California health officials first notified the CDC after several patients developed eye infections in March. That same month Franck’s pharmacy recalled dye lots and triamcinolone.

The pharmacy was under scrutiny in 2009 after 21 polo horses died before a championship match. The horses had been given a cocktail of minerals and vitamins compounded by Franck’s pharmacy. Their deaths were blamed on an overdose of minerals.

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