Who pays to have my car towed or stored?
The insurance company of the at-fault driver should pay to have your car towed or stored. If your car is “totaled,” or not worth repairing, the insurance company pays to have the car moved to a wreck yard. If you don’t want your insurance company to move your car, you will be responsible for towing or storage fees.

Can I decide where to have my car or truck repaired?
Yes, but sometimes insurance companies will try to convince you to use a shop that is on their pre-approved list of favorites. You may want to avoid these shops, because they may use replacement parts or employ inexperienced mechanics.

What does it mean when my car is declared “totaled?”
“Totaled” means your car is not worth repairing. If the cost to repair your vehicle is higher than what the vehicle is currently worth in good condition, your car is considered “totaled”. The insurance company decides whether to total your car or not.

Who pays off the bank loan on my financed car, truck or motorcycle?
You are responsible for any loan you took out on your car, truck or motorcycle. You will need to pay the whole amount of the loan if the fair market value of your car or truck was less than the outstanding loan.

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