Hundreds of FedEx customers may be surprised to hear that their packages took an extra trip before arriving on their doorstep, thanks to a truck crash on Interstate 75.

The Dec. 17 accident happened at approximately 10 a.m. in Macon after a FedEx truck overturned, scattering the goods across the highway. According to the driver, the truck’s engine malfunctioned, causing the crash. Many of the gifts were placed onto another truck, but it appeared that other packages were too damaged to be delivered.

FedEx declined to comment when interviewed by WTOC news.

Luckily, there were no reported injuries. Crashes with commercial vehicles can end with very serious, and oftentimes fatal, consequences. Delivery vehicles like FedEx and UPS trucks can be a danger to passing motorists for a few reasons.

Commercial vehicles have large blind spots. If a driver inadvertently spends any length of time in that blind spot, they run the risk of the truck colliding with their vehicle as it changes lanes.

In addition, the awkward stance of the FedEx or UPS truck means it can easily tip, crushing smaller cars or causing a chain reaction of accidents in its wake.

If your holiday travels find you sharing the highway with a delivery truck, keep in mind that the driver will need extra space to maneuver properly around you and other cars. Don’t follow too closely and try to drive defensively to protect yourself and your passengers from harm.

In the event a FedEx or other delivery truck causes an accident, the driver of the FedEx truck may be liable for your injuries if they were behaving negligently at the time of the crash. To find out whether your have a claim for compensation, contact The Eichholz Law Firm’s FedEx truck accident attorneys today.

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