gm-recall-editGeneral Motors has announced four more recalls, including nearly 500,000 new Camaros in the United States. Thus far, the automaker has recalled more than 14 million vehicles this year.

The latest recall, announced on Friday, includes approximately 454,710 Camaros from 2010 to 2014. The company is also recalling more than 28,000 Saab 9-3 convertibles and 21, 500 Chevy Sonic cars.

Although the reasons for the recalls vary, the Camaro is being recalled due to an issue with the ignition switch. According to GM, a driver’s knee can bump the key FOB and cause the key to move out of the “run” position. Despite this bring similar to Chevy Cobalt ignition switch debacle, GM insists it is different as the issue stems mainly from the key.

General Motors is aware of three car accidents and four injuries that may be attributed to the problem. Additionally, a search into the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recall database reveals that consumers have made complaints about this issue before. In one instance, a consumer says his knee hit the FOB and the vehicle was knocked out of the “run” position while they were traveling 60 miles per hour.

GM plans on notifying all vehicle owners whose cars need to be repaired. For the Camaro, a new key will be created for vehicle owners.

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